With Open Arms…

You are invited to join Memory JAR — where we share a common experience and a passion to honor the memory of a person we have loved. If you are here, you are perhaps dealing with the most difficult time of your life. Losing someone you love is very painful. You can get through it, and Memory JAR is here to comfort and support you as you take your first steps toward healing.

We are a unique and free resource devoted to helping you memorialize and remember your loved one. Sharing and collecting your memories is important in the healing process – both for you and others who have loved them. It is something tangible that you can hold on to; something to look at or go to when you want to remember. Your memories are a special gift we are given after the loss of our loved ones. Our hope is that Memory JAR will be a source of comfort and support. Thank you for joining our community.



Candle Lighting 2017

Sunday November 5

New Grief Packet

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